Made With Love

One look at my craft room and you'd think a robber had just rummaged through every drawer and box...but nope, it's just a normal sign that I was in there. I'm a VERY messy maker….but I usually emerge from the mess with some pretty things! Take these greeting cards I've been making for example, all made with love and a heap of mess to clean. I love mixing and matching paper to make bright and beautiful cards that are a small piece of art. I think they would all look awesome framed and hung to admire!…

The cards are made with a heavy watercolor paper and each detail is hand drawn then cut by me! Some of the cards have watercolor elements to them. I'm starting to love using mixed media! Thanks for taking a look! These will be sold at a local shop which my husband's family owns, The Karat Patch!

This card might be my all time favorite. Inspired by the ever famous, Geronimo Balloons, I used watercolors, a variety of papers including: watercolor, glittered, and Lokta paper.


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