Washi Tape: Three Ways!

I love a good craft product, and washi tape is where its at. This stuff is genius and addicting. I'm gearing up to send out Valentines and have started making various items to add to the Valentine packages to make them more special! Here's the three ways I've used washi tape to add a lot of color and fun!

Up first,  an assortment of shapes cut from an empty 12 pack of ginger ale covered in washi tape. The cardboard from those 12 packs is awesome and sturdy. Some were more tedious than others. I'm not sure what I'm going to use these for yet but I was thinking they would be so cool made into a garland! They would even look awesome placed into a cool collage like pattern then framed and hung.

Second project! I simply used a piece of  Baker's Twine and cut off strips of washi tape and wrapped the tape around cutting the edges into a v-shape. My idea for these was to wrap them around a greeting card for a little something extra.

Last on the list are these initial tags! Again, I used an empty 12 pack box….except this one was beer. :) I then traced a business card, used a stamp, embossing powder and a heat tool to emboss the initial on them and finished off the bottom with strips of washi tape. 


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