The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is an awesome swap dreamed up by Dunne With Style. Everyone interested gets paired up with a partner and sends their partner a package filled with supplies to encourage and inspire creativity. Below is the wrapped parcel I sent out to my partner topped with handmade watercolor paper bows.



It's been so long since I had attempted to draw or paint anything realistic so when I started I didn't have high expectations as to how it would turn out, but I was so happy with the outcome! I really want to start painting more!

Hey Ya'll

I forgot to add this piece I did a few months back! The request was for the phrase"Hey Ya'll" to be included along with anything Texas themed, so I came up with this bluebonnet watercolor piece!


Kid, You'll Move Mountains!

I was commissioned to make a piece of art for a little girl's playroom and had artistic freedom which is always so exciting....the only request was to use the following Dr. Seuss quote and to make it colorful! I'm really proud of how it turned out. It is an original, one of a kind piece, all hand lettered with watercolor and accented with raised hand cut paper mountains.


Post a Parcel: Biggest Morning Tea Swap

I participated in another Post a Parcel Swap hosted by Nia Neve to raise money for cancer research. The Biggest Morning Tea is a cancer research fundraiser that is popular in Australia...Two awesome ladies were behind it all Gemma Ryan and Erica Rax... they have organized a virtual Biggest Morning Tea with a few ways to raise money and with the help of Nia Neve, this swap was one of the ways!

I hope you'd like to get involved on future swaps! Follow Nia Neve on instagram or check out her blog for more details and notifications! It's a beautiful way to gain new friends and spread a little bit of happy when it seems like we're surrounded by so much negativity.

This is the parcel I sent out! 


Very happy with the way this watercolor painting turned out...and hope she liked it too!

....and this is the parcel I received! 
Thank you Angelina! Everything was beautiful!


Latest Work

Lately, I've been up to a whole lot of small projects. Im so thankful for each and every one of them!..Sadly, I forget to take pictures due to time constraints, but I do have a few pictures of some of my latest work!

My husband's good friend recently got married and he came up with this idea, I just executed it! The groom likes to hunt, so I thought a pair of gold antlers would fit. I didn't want it to look rustic so a clean fresh piece of wood with a light stain did the trick...along with a clean simple font.

The following sign was made for a wedding. The wording the bride asked for reminded me of "Lovesong" by The Cure. I sang it the whole time I was working on it!


Post-a-Parcel: Valentine's Swap

I've been participating in mail swaps for about a year now and am hooked! Recently I took part in a swap hosted by Nia Neve. Swaps are such a beautiful way to meet people by having the opportunity to send the loveliest packages bursting with creativity and care. My swap partner went above and beyond! So much thanks to you, Alyssa!

The sweetest fabric push pins

Handmade heart garland, which i already have hung up!

My favorite are these paper clips! She sent me a whole box full!

All over these chocolate kisses right now. My cavities are going to ache, but so worth it!

A variety of stickers were also sent, and these colorful ones were my favorite!

It's all in the details…and Alyssa did not disappoint! I mean, whoa. She used a wax seal with my initial!!!

And then there were these sweet earrings, that she also made. Heart studs perfect for Valentine's Day!