February 3, 1956

Guess who these little ones are! :D......Well, they would be two of the best twin brothers that ever were, my Dad and Uncle Hondo! I could write a book on how I feel about them but all anyone needs to know is how much I love them! 

Dad, I admire your strength, care, love, and all your hard work. You are the absolute best!... Hondo, you know you're my favorite Uncle. Thank you for every single thing you've done for me! 

Happy Birthday! 
I love you both so much!!

P.S. Notice that my Grandma made sure they wore matching outfits in all photos :)

Quick, someone save them from this horror!
(Left: Hondo  Right: Dad)

First off, I will never have a car that cool!
Secondly, that bike is equally cool....those handlebars!
Third of all, I can't tell if that's a dog or a goat!!....Haha! I'm leaning more towards a goat!
(Left: Hondo  Right: Dad)

May 1959
Not too thrilled with the situation....snatched from recess?!
 Oh no you didn't, Sister!
(Left: Dad  Right: Hondo)


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