Idle Hands?

I'm the type that needs to keep my hands and mind busy, whether it be making greeting cards, doodling, or decorating for events! Need some ideas on how to keep those hands busy? Why not try out a new hobby? 

Check out these awesome needlepoint kits from Emily Peacock.....incredible! The mid-century modern style of her designs remind me of Johnathan Adler.


Think Happy Thoughts

 Kiss & Hug 

 A few years back I went to an Etsy Holiday Bazaar in Dallas and stumbled upon Sublime Stitching...I tried my hand at embroidery and found it to be so easy! I embroidered tea towels and pillowcases for my family and friends during Christmas while I was in college....because as a college student, I was preeetty low on funds. Let me tell you, the gifts were a hit even if they weren't bought at a store!

Tattoo Alphabet

Epic Alphabet

Darling Dachsund


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