Theodore & Penny

It's about time I finally introduced you to two of the most precious pups around. Meet Theodore and Penny! It's amazing how much love one can have for an animal. :)

Theo was rescued by Zac...poor little guy was wandering the streets covered in stickers :( but not to worry! I'm happy to report that he now lives under a warm roof with all the love he can get....and spolied as ever. ;) Theo is so mild mannered and well behaved, he's irresistible....that's my Little Love :)

Penny is the "daughter" of my sister, Casie. She is one spunky, loving little pup! You can tell by her likes and dislikes she is not your average dog....a bit of a princess, that girl! It's been too long since I've seen her...Casie, you better get down here ASAP! Love that Penny Girl!


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