Weekend Adventure - Part One: Chinati Hot Springs

Weekend getaways are among my top favorites! Over the past two weekends we've taken jaunts to two amazing destinations....first stop, Chinati Hot Springs, nestled in the Chinati Mountains in Presidio County! This beautiful spot is literally in the middle of nowhere and is perfect for relaxation.....I urge you to visit!

Oh snap!..When we came to this 30 mile bumpy ride of your life road let me tell you, we were one scared, sweating bullets, nervous crew! 1.) We thought we were lost due to lack of signs and the crazy terrain, where we had to literally drive 5-10 mph 2.) There was zero cell phone service...so, if we were lost we were doomed cause we were in the middle of the mountains... AKA nowhere!  3.) We only had a quarter tank of gas 4.) It started to get dark on us...perfect setting for a horror film if you ask me.

The one and only sign at the beginning of the trek... worn and faded, stating it is private property (slightly skeptical, in my opinion)

No other pics were taken on the dirt road journey or that day...pictures were not of importance when you think you are going to be stranded!!....for real!...

But, of course we finally made it and this was taken the following morning! This is the cute community kitchen..complete with everything you need to prepare a mean bbq!


Meet our stay..the sea foam door on the left, Numero Uno! Complete with an outdoor shower and tub....water supplied naturally warm from the hot spring!

Zac relaxing in the hot spring, which has natural healing minerals...the water was perfectly warm and fresh, and after you got out your skin felt soft! We were healed for sure :)

The spring-fed pool overlooking the mountains and lodges...it was so clean and refreshingly cold. Zac and his awesome sister, Ashley....most likely pondering whether or not to return to reality or stay here forever!

The view, walking down the path from the pool.

And finally, all smiles on our return home!...First of all, happy cause we knew we weren't lost this time..whew!  Secondly, healed and refreshed from the spring, ready to face the week! 

See you real soon Chinati!


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