Trucks on the Run!

My guy and I love watching The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. On the show there are yummy food truck teams from around the country selling unique food concoctions! This show has upped the popularity of food trucks and I came across a few other mobile trucks with the same concept but twisted in a unique way! Did you know there is a food truck for dogs?  How about a mobile flower truck!? How awesome is that?!

The Flower Truck is located in sunny California and was converted from an old ice cream truck. .... I absolutely love when people come up with unique business ideas and execute them so brilliantly.....again, I am inspired!
The Flower Truck- Photo Via

Phydough is a food truck for dogs also located in California. This awesome truck offers all natural, handmade organic treats such as baked biscuits, frozen cookie dough, and even ice cream!! With flavors like pumpkin, red velvet, and peanut butter this truck is keepin' it swank for all the pooches!....Oh, and Zac wanted to add something: Teach 'em how to doggie Phydough!!! :)

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