Caravan Dreams

I surf the high seas of the internet daily and come across some awesome finds. If I ever get my hands on an old caravan, I would love to transform it an idea like one of these! I am inspired by the amazing people behind these renovated trailers and I hope you are too! 

The charming Lovelane Caravans are located along the beautiful countryside of the UK. Complete with "of the period" items the caravans are located near a farm, beaches, and a village. Lovelane Caravans already has my heart and I haven't even visited.....but I'm wishing and hoping!!

The Sol Cinema is a non-profit project  and an awesome idea brought to life! Dubbed as the world's smallest SOLAR movie theatre, this little caravan seats 8 adults and is powered solely by the sun!! 

Located here in the great state of Texas, Marfa to be exact, is El Cosmico! These restored 1950's and 60's trailers each have their own style and unique furnishings. There is even an outdoor kitchen and hammock grove :)....You know what else?! You can even rent a yurt, teepee, or tent!!....Hurry and pack your bags!

Collage created by me, Andrea Torres

Lovelane Caravans - Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Sol Cinema

El Cosmico - Marfa, Texas


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