Snail Mail - Swap Bot Letter Exchange

Mail. The good kind. The kind that is packaged pretty with the beautiful stationery or card and handwritten thoughts! Swoon! I've been making handmade cards for quite awhile....make that 6 years! its kind of my thing! I started my little card making journey in my college dorm room at UNT (The University of North Texas) and sold them at the local flower shop I used to work at, FlowerGarden, for $5 a pop!  They've come a long way!.... but I love to send some of my cards out when I participate in a swap...along with hand lettering and that oh so famous washi tape. This is one of the most recent package I sent out that included handmade envelopes, my handmade ice cream card, and a postcard from Marfa, TX that didn't make it into the picture since it didn't match the color scheme I had going on! HA!




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