Trippin' Out: New Orleans

It's been a long while. Sorry. I've been up to a little of this and a little of that....I get lazy with posting since Instagram is my go to socialization platform, but I thought I should try and get my motivation going by posting vacation pics from New Orleans! The sights, the outstanding food, the sounds, the people....an eclectic mix of goodness. Take a scroll through the pictures...some from my camera, some from my iPhone.

I inserted a jump break at the bottom too, so to continue looking through the pictures click the "Read More" tab on the bottom left...

^The Carousel Bar inside Hotel Monteleone. It actually spins slowly!^

^Painted dominoes by local artist, Robin Daning.^

^One of my favorite pictures I snapped!^ (day & night shots)

^It's all in the details.^

^Oh man, one of my favorite balconies!^

^Jackson Square performer^

^Jackson Square^

^The old neon sign from the hotel we stayed at. Built in 1886.^
Fact: William Faulkner said it was his favorite hotel!

^See our names in neon yellow on the top of the bottom panel? "Andrea & Zac"^

^ We made a joke while in New Orleans that no oyster shall be left behind. None were.^

^Antique shops galore....too bad a chandelier cost $16k! What the?^

^Dorky to the max but unexpectedly the funnest! 
Two hour segway tour....you gotta try it!!^

^The colors throughout this city are so vibrant and beautiful!^

^Taken on our Segway tour, St. Augustine, the first Black Catholic Church.^

^Bevolo gas lanterns, Made in New Orleans, USA!^


^Frenchmen Art Market featuring local artists...the coolest little spot!^

^Another shot I took at the Frenchmen Art Market! ^
I loved the contrast of the aged pink siding against the bright bistro lights.

^Yes, I enjoyed my first boozy snow cone! I sure did have more than one!...but really, I love the background on this picture.^


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