December 7, 1992

It's time to send my not so little sister, Elle, a ton of birthday wishes! Today, we celebrate 19 years with this beautiful, comical, loving, fearless, hardworking, insanely talented, leader of the pack! Not long ago it seems she was impressing my friends with her incredibly smooth dance moves when she was 6...and boy, does she still have it!

Elle, you continue to make us proud, as you use your talents to conquer your world....
I love you and I hope you never tire of hearing my advice :)
Happy Birthday!

Irresistibly cute in curls!

Birthday #2 - Anticipating some of that cake!

So dainty in her favorite pj's....
waiting on Santa apparently ( where are  all the presents?!)

1997 - Casie's Quinceanera
Looking all important, hanging out with Mom and Dad.

Oh snap!...Elle and I ready for that summer sun!....
Mom, what's with the loneliest picture?!

Simply gorgeous.

Elle Renee!


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