December 1, 1981

I'd like to give my beautiful sister, Casie, tons of birthday love!...Funny, stylish, strong, hard working, smart, and so caring beyond belief!....Having some of the best memories since the carefree days of building cardboard houses and slip 'n' sliding in the backyard! 

I Love you Casie!!
Happy Birthday!

Mighty cute in that sailor suit!

Just chillin' on a wagon wheel....
 with a faux backdrop, a must in the 80's

All grown up & beautiful than ever!

Casie and I on Easter Sunday - 1988....
Matching sister outfits!...Don't hate.

Then there were three!
 Casie, Elle, and I  

Uh yeah, I told you she's beautiful!...
Hey guy in the background...move outta the way!


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