Springtime in Las Vegas!

Spring Break 2012 was a success! I ventured along with Z's family to the Bright Light City and can't thank them enough.... Yes, it was my first time.....yes, I was in awe, ......and yes, I will return very soon. I was in love with the energy, the lights, the sights....never a dull moment! I might add what a high roller I was slippin' those dolla' dolla' bills in those penny slots! ;D

Take a look at some of the sights and adventures of the trip, taken everywhere from The Venetian, Fremont Street, Hoover Dam, and The Bellagio, and my personal favorite experience, The Beatles Love Show- Cirque du Soleil...pure brillance.

Quick! Everyone pack your bags and take a little trip to that City of Sin.



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