National Bike Month.....Ride On!

May is National Bike Month! I realize I am a week late to learn of this but like the saying goes, "better late than never!" So, in honor of National Bike Month I would like to showcase my guy's cool, handsome bike along with my own turquoise cruiser!

Introducing the handsome bicycle Zac recently finished and built all by himself, (cue round of applause!)......complete with a Brooks leather saddle and a wooden Maple handlebar, cut and varnished by hand!!

I adore bicycles..... I used to spend all my childhood days and summers on my bike, when I was a fearless speed demon. There wasn't a hill I couldn't conquer!....Well, maybe there was one that conquered me....and gave me a black eye....(true story) Hahaha!! Rest assured, I now approach bike riding with a bit more caution and with a little more style! I introduce you to my classic, 1958 MF Roadmaster Skyrider Coaster! Complete with a bell and a headlight.....courtesy of my cousin, who gave to me for FREE!! Thank you Greg!

So, I hope you get inspired to get out and take a trip back to your younger days, take a cruise, and let the wind blow through your hair.....you won't regret it!! 


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