Simply Spring Wreath

Those who know me know how much I love crafting and creating! A couple of days ago I created this simple little wreath using a metal wreath form, Spanish moss, and folded paper flowers. I think it would be a cute welcome to visitors just in time for Easter!........Here are some instructions on how to make the folded floral bursts!! Now go on and craft away!  :)  Oh, and I edited the instructions a bit from the original source down below!

                                  Photo and Instructions Via: A Subtle Revelry

Make accordion paper flowers:

  • Take two sheets of square scrap-booking paper, and fold each one accordion style in 1″ sections.
  • Fold each one in half.
  • Staple or hot glue each one together on one side to form a half-circle.
  • Then staple or hot glue the two halves together!


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